Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sun Tea

I love the idea of sun tea. Natural, fresh, summer, patience...don't some of these words come to mind when you think of Sun Tea? This was my first time making it and the part I loved the most was going to the natural market to pick out dried herbs, spices, and loose tea blends. I picked up some strawberry green tea, juniper, camomile flowers, spearmint green tea, peppermint, lavender, mulling and cider spices, and had I the time to savor and sample smell the 3 tall rows of dried herbs and spices I would have left with many more. I could hardly resist some of the more exotic herbs and spices but I need to have a plan for their use first. 

Anyway, back to the tea! 

I chose a spearmint green tea blend, added a bit more spearmint leaves and some mulling and cider spices as well as some organic honey. I loosely put this into the pitcher, but you can use tea bags or tea tied up in a little cheesecloth as well. I like loose tea but it needs straining before drinking of course.
....5 hours later

Be generous with your spices! It takes more than you think to make strong flavoring.
The longer you leave it out in the sun, the better
Don't be afraid to experiement combining different mixes and spices but having a good base will help (green tea, black tea, earl grey, etc)
You can add all natural concentrated juices to make sweeter tea. (Try adding some pure concentrated cherry juice to give it some sweetness and make it a bit more kid friendly)

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