Thursday, August 26, 2010

Colored Tape Yogurt Cups

I've been loving colored tape lately. We recently did a COLORED TAPE COLLAGE and since then i've been finding all sorts of ways to put colored tape to use.
I've been saving our yogurt cups for a while now, just waiting for inspiration to strike. 
I recently redid L's bedroom and he now has shelves and lots of cubby holes. I want his room to be a place where his imagination and creativity can run away with all of his cubby holes are filled with different materials, fabrics, toys, nature objects..etc. He finds all sorts of ways to play with everything together, or separately. One of my favorite things is to give him lots of "THINGS to put THINGS in"... small wooden boxes, cups, baskets, etc. This keeps things more organized but he also loves opening up things and discovering whats inside!

So, the yogurt cups are perfect for this, however, I wanted to decorate them more.
Thats where the colored tape came in!

Right now they are housing his shape and color buttons, but he also loves to use them in his kitchen area while he's "cooking"

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