Friday, August 6, 2010

Colored Tape Collage

This activity is super simple, cheap, and fun!

what you need
colored plastic tape

what you do
1. Cut different lengths of each color of the tape

2. Make the tape easy to peel off.
I did this by taping wooden craft sticks to our table and then sticking the different lengths of tape onto the sticks. I forget the reason that I didn't just stick the tape onto the table...oh well. LOL!

3. let your child create a tape masterpiece

They can also get in on the fun! The different lengths of tape can be arranged into cool patterns and shapes, as well as things like a house, mountains, etc. 

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  1. My 18 month old is definitely into tape these days so this is a perfect activity for him! I've also given him stickers to put on paper as well. He still has a hard time pulling the stickers off the paper himself so I bend back a small corner of each sticker so he can grasp them easier (and so I don't have to stand there and hand him sticker after sticker!). Great blog!

  2. This is great. Going to try it soon. I am very fond of your posts.


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