Friday, August 6, 2010

A Poem for My Sunshine Boy

Life is fleeting, years rush past…

and little boys grow up so fast.

Let me take time out to be

thankful mine is still here with me.

And though I am busy through the day,

let me take the time to play…

Let me take the time out to smile,

to sit with him just for a while…

Let me take time out for walks,

for swings and sports and quiet talks.

For sharing giggles, tickles and hugs,

for patching knees and catching bugs.

For running races, climbing trees,

for helping with his A, B, Cs…

For hatching plots and planning schemes,

for listening to his thoughts and dreams.

Let me tuck him in at night,

hear his prayers, turn off the light.

And when my busy day is done,

let me thank God I have a son.
(author unknown)

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