Sunday, August 22, 2010

Nature Friends: Pinecone Fairy and Flower Princess

Nature and art inspire me every single day.
Sometimes my childhood spirit just begs me to create something...and I don't ignore it.

Pinecone Fairy
(wings from a *dead* cicada)

Flower Fairy Princess

Its really amazing what you can create with what you find in your own backyard!

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  1. I am totally impressed with your creations. So sweet and lovely...adorable.

  2. Wow... I pinterested your fairies... they look soo adorable.. and 3 hours later 166 others pinned off of mine... You really do have a wonderful sense of creativity... and I appreciate your crafty ideas on here... THANK YOU BUNCHES!!

  3. I found this on pinterest months ago... and my 2-1/2 yr old son and I just made some for my mom's birthday and left them in her fairy tree as a surprise... soo much fun, thanks for the idea <3


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