Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Printing with TP Rolls

I started hoarding craft material and supplies long before Lawson even cared about picking up a crayon! I have more Toilet Paper Rolls than I know what to do with and finally I was like I NEED TO START USING THESE because DUH, thats why i'm saving them in the first place!

I found this idea in a MaryAnn Kohl Book. If you don't know who this is..YOU NEED TO! She has several books about doing art with kids. I have like 5 of her books and theres enough ideas to last through L's entire childhood!

Imprinting with TP Rolls

what you need
TP Rolls/ Paper Towel Rolls
extra cardboard
other small gluable objects (optional)
Strong Glue (hot glue gun works best)

what you do
1. cut out shapes from the extra cardboard and glue them around your toilet paper rolls.

2. You can also use other materials (beads, leaves, aluminum foil, feathers, etc) to make all sorts of different imprints!
-I used beans and noodles for my other rolls.

3. Let your child paint the rolls OR roll them in paint
-I let him do it both ways

When he started rolling them onto paper you could make out the different shapes but not after he rolled so much and did some finger painting as all became just a lot of paint lol. Soon the paper and the rolls were covered but he thought that was fun too so I gave him all 3 rolls to play with.

Then I let him paint the paper towel rolls. He decided to paint each bean one by one!

Then he rolled it on the paper. Love that little purple spot on his nose :)

L really liked this (probably because it was quite messy!) and the toilet paper rolls became works of art themselves!

I still have tons of rolls left, so when the weather cools down it'll be a nice excuse for a nature hunt and we'll be doing this again but using more natural textures to put on the rolls. I'd love to wrap some leaves, branches, rocks, pine needles, etc. around the rolls and then let L paint!

You may have noticed and wondered WHY ON EARTH IS HE IN A WHITE SHIRT?!


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  1. OK, you have some great ideas! I love these DIY rollers! So creative. Thanks again and again for sharing on It's Playtime

    Rachele @ Messy Kids

  2. GREAT idea!! I have so many TP and PT rolls that hubby is threatening to throw them away if I don't do something with them.....SOON!

  3. This is wonderful - and going on a nature hunt for items to print with sounds like an excellent idea! I love the pasta roll - it looks so inviting! If not to roll with, just to paint!

    I featured this on It's Playtime today, i's all about upcycling :) Come join us again this week!


  4. You're not crazy for having him wear a white shirt. Keep the shirt and use it over and over again for these types of messy projects- soon you'll have another work of art that is wearable. :)

  5. HI! I love your website and have found tons of great activities! So thank you!!! I have a question - you mentioned Mary Ann Kohl books. Is there one you would recommend starting with? I have a 2.5 year old (and a 6 mo old) and am NOT a creative person, so I need all the help I can get. I looked her up on Amazon and she has quite a few. Thought I'd start with one.

  6. Thanks so much! I would definately reccommend Mary Ann's book called First Art. It's the book I started with, with L being only 1 and still find great stuff in there for him to do at age 3. :)

  7. I love your simple round the house crafts and cant wait to get to do them with my lil A... She loves messy!

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  9. For what it's worth, anything that a child touches whether for art or fun should be just acid free luxury tissue paper. You can never tell when virus or bacteria can get in the way. ;)


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