Sunday, March 10, 2013

Ziplock Bag Squeezy Foam Painting

Painting Activity for Kids

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During our GREEN WEEK in the Color of the Week Series, we did a simple color mixing activity where I mixed food coloring with shaving cream in duct taped zip locked bags to let the boys squish and smoosh until  the bag was completely green. See this fun activity HERE!

I then let the shaving cream sit for a day in the bags which I know from other shaving cream projects, makes a really cool foam! I tied the bags off with rubber bands and then snipped a little hole on one of the ends for the boys to squeeze out the foam! 

Painting Activity for Kids

Painting Activity for Kids

I let my little one (19 mo) try squeezing the bag himself but he didn't really get the concept of the point of it, so I squeezed it for him! This bag wasn't quite so foamy since it hadn't been sitting as long. It came out like shaving cream from a can which B was pretty fascinated with!

We are going to try this RAINBOW STYLE in the next few days, so be on the lookout!

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