Monday, March 25, 2013

Poppin's Book Nook: King Jack and The Dragon by Peter Bently

Welcome to the first post in the Poppin's Book Nook! 
I am so excited to be participating in this brand new virtual book club with so many other fun and creative bloggers! Each month we will be given a theme and each participating blogger is free to choose their own book within that theme. We will be posting about our book and any related activities or crafts we did based on the book, on the last Monday of every month. With so many bloggers participating, your sure to see a wide range of books and activities within each months theme! 
To see a list of  all of our upcoming topics, visit Enchanted Homeschooling Mom!

March's theme is related to
Knight's, Kings, Queens, Princesses, Castles, and Dragons
and all things Royalty!

and we have chosen the book

King Jack and his friends build a cardboard box fortress outside and spend the day bravely fighting dragons and beasts. That is until bedtime when it is growing dark, playtime is over, and everyone has gone home- leaving King Jack alone to defend the fortress! My oldest (4) loved this imaginative and suspenseful story!  

After reading this book, a fortress for my two kings was to be built! 
Activity and Crafts for the book King Jack and the Dragon by Peter Bently

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But first, the kings needed their crowns and dragon-fighting swords! 
We created very simple crowns with two pieces of construction paper taped together and "crown cut" on one end, then decorated. The swords were made with a few pieces of cardboard from a diaper box. L (4 1/2)  helped make both his crown and sword, and his little brother's (1 1/2 yrs).
Homemade Crown and Sword for Pretend Play

A simple fortress was made in our entryway and 
then days of make-believe followed! 

I usually played the dragon, but we also had a toy dragon that filled in when mommy got tired lol.

Coloring Pages
Another simple activity we did, was color some dragon coloring pages. I found these by simply looking up "dragon coloring pages for kids" on Google Images. There are some pretty cute and not too scary dragon coloring pages out there, such as THIS ONE! 

Next month's theme is Wizards!
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  1. I love the crowns and "castle"! So sweet that your older son made one for his brother too.

    I'm sure I'm also not the only one admiring your door!

  2. What cute little kings you have! I bet they would keep that fort up all the time if you let them!

  3. How fun! The crowns and swords look like such a fun hands on activity. And what child would not LOVE that fort! (and yes I agree with Erin that you door is stunning!)

  4. Have been meaning to pick up this book.. i vaguely remember that this one got an award if I am not wrong?? Love the crowns and swords.. will be very popular with the kiddos!

  5. Love building forts. They are hours and hours of fun. And yes, I love your door too! Perfect backdrop for knights!

  6. Your fort is brilliant, looks like so much fun !:)

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