Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Zebra Shaving Cream Marbling Craft

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We did this fun Zebra Shaving Cream Marbling art project/craft as part of our Color of the Week Exploration. The Color of the Week was black and so we talked about animals with black skin or fur. With a zebra having black stripes (or are they white stripes? lol ) and no two zebra having the same stripe pattern, I thought this would be a fun project to sort of demonstrate that and play off the black and white stripe theme!

Shaving Cream Marbling produces amazing results and is simple and cheap to do!
Simply spread a thin amount of shaving cream onto a surface such as a cookie sheet or thick paper plate. Drop some food coloring onto the shaving cream and then use something such as a cotton swab or end of a paintbrush to swirl the food coloring around on the shaving cream. 

Because we were doing Zebra Patterned Marbling, I printed off a zebra pattern for L to look at while he mixed the black food coloring into the shaving cream.  His first instinct was make a swirly pattern so we talked about how the pattern goes up and down instead of in swirls. He studied the picture for a bit and then got the hang of it!

Now it was ready for some print action!

You simply lay a sheet of paper on top of the shaving cream and lightly press on the paper and the edges to make sure the print transfers. Then you take carefully take it off the shaving cream and set it aside for a few minutes so the food coloring can set. Then you can use something such as the back straight edge of a butter knife to gently scrape the shaving cream off of the paper and you'll be left with an awesome print!

Isn't that neat!? It wasn't EXACTLY striped like a zebra but L thought it was really neat. We did quite a few and we talked about how even if you lay the paper in the exact same spot as a previous time, the print will never look exactly the same, just as no two zebra's stripe patterns are the same! 

I then printed and cut out THIS zebra outline to trace on the back of one of our zebra marbled paper and cut out. L helped me with some of the cutting and pasting of the rest of the project. 
We LOVE how it turned out!

Little B had been watching the whole time and was itching to play in the shaving cream 
so I let him have his go at it after we were done.

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