Friday, March 15, 2013

Construction Paper Squares Rainbow Sensory Bin

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I created this Rainbow Sensory Bin by cutting colored construction paper into small squares. It was a bit time consuming but very simple, especially if you cut the construction paper into long strips and then layer them to cut many strips into squares at one time. I originally used these squares for a Rainbow Craft that I did with my Children's Art Group (i'll be sharing that soon!) and with what was left over, I used for this!

I added some brightly colored cups not only for play, but to work on some color matching with my youngest.

and of course each color can be individually saved and reused for crafts or for color themed sensory bins of their own, like this red one--which I plan to use for our RED WEEK in the Color of the Week Series.

Click the pictures below to see more Rainbow Activities!


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  1. I love this simple idea -- construction paper and colored cups are two things I definitely have. Will file this away for when my 14 month old is ready to learn his colors!

  2. I love this idea - it's simple and uses materials that just about anybody has in their house! Pinning to my toddler board :)

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