Monday, March 18, 2013

Lipstick Rubbings

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We did some simple but cool Lipstick Rubbings during our RED WEEK in our Color of the Week Exploration Series, after I unfortunately learned that red lipstick does NOT look great on everyone. :( 
So, my lipstick was donated to our art supplies and used for this cool activity! 
If you'd like to try this, I recommend the dollar store for cheap lipstick! 

First he he drew with the lipstick, which is just fun on it's own because of the novelty of drawing with lipstick, but it also writes so smoothly.  Then I remembered doing 
crayon rubbings as kid so we tried it with the lipstick...see below.

Simply use a paper towel or old dishcloth to rub the lipstick. It makes a great soft smeared effect! 

To see the rest of our activities from RED WEEK, 
click the photo below!

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  1. I'm a children's librarian who's recently come across your blog and love it and always come away inspired to try something with the kids I see in storytime. But I had to comment on this post because there IS a red out there for everyone! You just have to find your shade and coverage. Sephora has very 'friendly' reds imo! Thanks for what you do!


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