Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Playing with Army Men Outdoors

With all the toys that zip, zoom, wizz and boom, army men have almost become a thing of the past.
I was suprised when I found them at Walmart and for the sheer "old schoolness" of it, I got some for L.
I had no idea he'd love them so much! He rarely plays shoot and kill with them, he usually makes up stories about heroes and protectors.

On a cool morning this past summer we took his army men and tree blocks outside, gathered some big rocks, leaves, and small branches and made an army man base camp.

See the bird hiding? The army men are protecting the bird and her eggs.
That's how my sweet hearted boy played with his army men.

Baby Son napped peacefully on a picnic blanket

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  1. i run a home daycare and i can't have enough army men! my daycare boys LOVE them! and actually so do my girls! I have also added to our collection of having police officers, and fire fighters! They are always a hit when they get pulled out!

  2. What a sweetie you have! I love your tree blocks. I need to look into getting some of those.

  3. Lovely, what a sweet boy! And I am very envious of your tree blocks!

    Hope we'll be seeing this at the Friday Outdoor Play Party!

  4. I love it! Thanks for sharing- I'm about to have my first baby boy and will file this away for future years.

  5. I happen to love this idea. Children should experience playing outdoors for a change. It is quite rare with all the games on the computer nowadays.

  6. love the outdoor army men. :) We have a hill of dirt in our backyard that is home to some trucks and stuff.

    Also, your baby is super cute! I love babies!!

  7. How fun these all are, you have some of the best ideas I have seen, please keep posting! Thank yoy so much from Noah & I both <3 ;-)

  8. What a good idea! Thanks for sharing.


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