Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pom Pom Magnet Buddies

I combined 3 of my favorite craft things (pom poms, googly eyes, and magnets) to make L some pom pom magnet buddies to play with on his magnetic dry erase board.
I just hot glued a magnet to the bottom of a pom pom and added googly eyes.

He also used them with his magnet wand to make them move on the table.

I made some for myself to use as fridge magnets.
 For these, I glued the googly eyes on the top of the pom poms instead of the side.

Seriously, if I could glue googly eyes to everything I would! lol

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  1. LOL! I am googly eye crazy! I just bought a huge bag only to come home and find that I already had a huge bag. I think I use them more often than my daughters... Have you seen the painted googly eyes from Oriental Trading? I am always so tempted to buy some, but I never have.

  2. Those are so cute! You have sooo many creative idea! Thanks for linking up to TGIF & sharing your creativeness with all of us!
    Beth =-)


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