Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Challenge: 30 Days to Hands on Play

I've decided to participate in the 30 Days to Hands on Play Challenge hosted by two blogs that I LOVE, The Imagination Tree, and Hands on: As we Grow.

A 30 day challenge to inspire you to play [at least] 15 minutes with your kids [no interuptions].
To become more involved with them.
To introduce yourself and your kids to new play ideas!

Learn More about the challenge HERE

I think i'm pretty good about really playing with my kids, but because I have a new baby, I feel that my oldest son "L" sometimes takes a backseat when it comes to mommy's full attention. Throughout the day I try to play one on one with him, but there are times when the day comes to an end and I think to myself.."Did I give L my FULL attention today?"
SO, I'm thinking this CHALLENGE will make me more accountable to try and balance my time more wisely and really put a huge focus on playtime with L. What kid doesn't need MORE playtime and one on one time anyway!?

Day One Challenge
Take mental note, or jot down, a simple mission statement of how you'd like to become more hands on with your kids. Also, jot down a few of their interests, or general behaviors that may be helpful for the upcoming challenges.

My Mission Statement
I want to better focus my time and energy to allow for MORE playtime with my son. I will try my best for this playtime to be soley focused on him, without the interruption of daily chores, phone or computer time. While playing, I want to really watch how my son plays and learn more about the amazing little person he is!

L's interests
cars and trucks
anything messy
intricate and detailed manipulatives
imaginary play
outside play

L is very kind and thoughtful and would rather pretend his army men are best friends going on an adventure rather than enemies at war.  He loves to be outside, and he really looks at the details of everything all around him. His imagination knows no bounds and he loves more than anything for me to be involved in his imaginary play.  He becomes bored easily at games that repeat the same process for too long. 

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