Sunday, November 13, 2011

Spice Painting

We did spice painting today, which I had seen on one of my new favorite blogs, One Inch World.
What an awesome sensory art experience!

I brought out an array of spices (no hot spices obviously), some glue, and thick paper.
He did it two ways. He slopped some glue down first then sprinkled the spices on and smeared it with the brush, AND we also put some glue into bowls, poured the spices in, mixed it all up and painted with the glue and spice mixture.

yummy smells!

Fun stuff!
Smelled wonderful!

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  1. New to this site and will try this spice painting today! My kids love spices (even the hot ones) what a great idea! Thanks!!!

  2. So I tried this and my kids loved it!!! May I make some suggestions, get some small bowls and before bringing out the glue, have the kids taste the spices (mine love to taste)...also this is a great idea to use up expired or duplicate spices you may have in your drawers. Thanks again!


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