Monday, October 31, 2011

Fall Sensory Bin

L played in his Fall Sensory Bin (or pool rather) today outside. I spent 0 dollars on this bin (YAY!) because all of the items were things i've been gathering from outside, had from previous sensory bins, part of my fall home decor,  or things I stole from my moms house. haha

dry beans
pumpkins (real and fake)
different kinds of acorns
plastic apples
leaves (real and fake)
miniature buckets, rakes, and brooms
Miniature horse and buffalo (why a buffalo?...I dunno haha)
corn husks
Toy campfire and turkeys from the "Little People" sets

It was almost like a Fall I Spy Pool

and Baby Son slept peacefully in unseasonably warm autumn air

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  1. beautiful bin! and I love baby boys bear hat! adorable:)

  2. Very cute Sensory bin!! I love that you had it in a pool!! Your son could completely immerse himself in the fun (literally!)~ and your little ones hat - DARLING! Thanks for linking up to TGIF Linky Party. In case you are interested I have a Sensory Bin linky under my sensory section that will be open all year =-)


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