Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Children's Art Group: Apple Printing

Apple Printing
After constantly wishing there was an alternative to the expensive art classes and camps, I decided to start a local Children's Art Group. With 30 members, some awesome little artists, and enthusiastic parents, we are having a BLAST focusing on process art and projects.

For our 4th meetup, I hosted an Apple Printing Playdate. The kids made apple prints with apples, washable paint, and paper. When the kids were done and off playing, the adults made apple print shirts with fabric paints!

For an added element of play, I made an Apple Picking Sensory Bin, VERY much inspired by the one I saw HERE at Pink and Green Mama.

Click HERE to see the details of the APPLE PICKING SENSORY BIN.

I was really blown away at how creative the adults were with their apple print shirts!

I love to see art drying all over the counters!

I loved this meetup!
 I thought it was fun to get the parents involved in the art activity too!

For more info and ideas about starting a Local Children's Art Group yourself or hosting large group art playdates, click HERE, or the page link at the top of my blog.

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  1. It was definately a BLAST! :D Wish i had brought more shirts! haha

  2. WOW - gorgeous! The apples themselves look awesome. Sensory bin looks way fun and the t-shirts came out super cute! You continue to impresse me. I am sharing this on Facebook -!/pages/Living-Life-Intentionally/261252997248957
    Beth =-)

  3. Teachers shape so much of their pupils' future. Who knows, maybe one of them will turn out to be the next genius in the printing services industry!

  4. I love this t-shirt printing activity! How I wish I were part of this.

  5. Very creative for their age! Oh my God I can't stop staring at that cute baby boy on the left side of this page! He is just amazingly adorable!


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