Monday, October 10, 2011

Our Vacation to St. Croix, Virgin Islands

Brian and I have been married 4 years and we took our first BIG vacation last year in October for my birthday. I never blogged about it, but now, a year later...I sure am thinking about it! On the flight home we literally started planning our next vacation for the following year at the same time. I'm sure God was laughing at our plans thinking "How about a BABY instead?!" lol!  I'm sure God laughs whenever we make plans anyhow :) Sooo hopefully next year when B is a little over a year old, we can take another vacation, and perhaps take L with us this time!

Sooo in memory of our vacation, being a year later to the day, i'd like to share some pictures of one of the most awesome experiences of our lives!
Our hotel is pictured above and was the only island with it's own private beach..glorious!

In Puerto Rico getting on the tiniest plane in the world but somehow happy about it! haha

The view from our deck

the most incredible bed ever!
It was pretty funny how one of the most luxerious things we did on our vacation was sleep. More than once we went to bed at 5pm! Yeah, we're pretty crazy like that haha.

No sleeping in for me. 
I snuck out every morning around 6AM to explore tidepools while Brian well deservedly slept in!

Snorkeling at Buck Island. A shark swam past me and I literally almost died, but kept on snorkeling..must of been the adreneline rush. Swimming with sharks...check.

Beach BBQ where we met another southern couple! EEEEVeryone was from NY, CA that we had met on our vacation and here we meet some good ole country folk just like us :)

Island Jeep Tour. The coolest thing we did (pretty scary though). We were taken through the mountains and the island had just suffered a hurricane so the trails were badly washed out. There were so many times I thought...theres NO WAY we can make it without tipping over and I literally said many times "LET ME OFF!" but our driver was AMAZING! and we lived! haha

Rainforest Tour

The REAL Rainforest Cafe

Random Pics

our hotel

The pig who drinks beer (non alcoholic). You give him the can, he crushes it in his mouth, drinks it all and spits out the can!

If you are wanting to take a tropical vacation I definately recommend St. Croix, Virgin Islands. Many people debate St. Croix or St. Thomas. St. Thomas is more of a partying/shopping island. We didn't care about going out partying or shopping so much so we chose St. Croix. A relaxed, more authentic island vacation.

my recommendations
Stay at the Carambola Resort
A beautiful resort! (the only resort with a private beach and secluded from other resorts). A very open and airy feel. However you may want to venture out a few times to eat bc even though their food is good, their menu is a bit limited.

Chartered Boat/Buck Island Snorkeling and Beach BBQ: Big Beards Adventure Tour

Island Jeep Tour" Tan Tan Tours (ask for Max!)

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  1. That looks like so much fun! I hope I get to go check it out. :)


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