Monday, October 3, 2011

What We've Been Up To

Tough to condense the last two months since Brady was born into one post but I thought I'd post some pics of the everyday life (not the blog post activity stuff) of what we've been up to.

L's first train ride

L's first fair

outside art time

lots of funny newborn faces and poses

last days of summer creek play

I think we all become gatherers and collectors in the fall

new spins on old favorites: sandwich kabobs

little things that crack me up!

My proud little AWANA Cubbie!

first smiles

MANY bonfire evenings lately

gifts for the fairies

L's best friend for a day

and not so much B's LOL

Trying new things
 ivory soap in the microwave for 90 seconds. Gotta love Pinterest!

lots of quick activities for when mommy needs a tiny break. This one is frequented: Washable watercolor paints in the bathtub. No water, clothes on, just stick him in there and let him paint!

L's new beard hat

 I made everyone chocolate bananas but I made THIS one for my husband! hahaha! He refused to eat it (of course lol) so we traded. I love to make my husband laugh and keep him smiling :)

Almost 2 months old and starting to really see the world!

We've done so many more things but lots of them are things i've got saved for blog posts so lots more to come eventually!

A few more updates...
-I started A local Children's Art Group
-I've lost 43 lbs so far (still another 20 to go before pre baby weight but i'm getting there!)
-Lawson has started AWANAS and loves it!
-I'm participating in a monthly busy bag swap and I love all the bags we are receiving!

THERE...that about sums it up....halfway. haha

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  1. You are AMAZING. I don't know how you find time for all of this!

  2. Hi, I am your latest follower, LOVE your ideas. You must be a whiz at time management. How do you do it all?

    I was googgling for Ocean sensory bins when I found you. If you don't mind, I used a pic of your ocean bin to share, with a link back to you of course :)


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