Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Starting a Local Children's Art Group

After constantly wishing there was some sort of art group for children in my area and not just those high priced mommy and me art classes or camps, I decided to go for it and start a group of my own! I started the group on called The Children's Art Group, set a member limit of 30 (to promote close knit relationships and encourage member participation), and within 3 days it was full...with a waiting list even! That proved to me that obviously I wasn't the only parent in the area wishing for the same kind of group.

We've had two meetups so far and both have been so much fun!
While it's still nice outside i've been holding the meetups outside and scheduling some of the messiest ideas. Soon we'll all be held up inside our homes during the winter and our indoor art playdates may not be AS messy as these recent ones have been haha. For now i'm shooting for two meetups a month.

1st Children's Art Group Meetup
Goop in the Park

I decided that for our first meetup the kids could play with Goop in the park! Goop (cornstarch and water) is a pure sensory art experience and pretty magical stuff! Basically we had buckets of goop, lots of conainers, kid friendly utensils, and food coloring. I spread out a big plastic drop cloth, the parents gathered around and the kids went for it! VERY messy awesome fun!
A successful first meetup!

My child was the messiest...of course lol

2nd Children's Art Group Meetup
 Concoctions and Potions

For this meetup, I had parents bring lots of "ingredients" so the kids could mix and make to their hearts content! Soap shavings, sawdust, glitter, playdough, coffee grounds, fresh mint leaves, dry pasta and beans, acorns, flour, powdered paint, spices, etc. and LOTS of different size containers, muffin tins, cups, etc to mix in, and kid friendly utensils, and a jug of water with a spout so they could add their own water to their mixtures. They really had a blast and it was fun just  watching them make all their concoctions. I set all the ingredients on the seats of picnic tables so they could be easily reached, and all the mixing bowls and cups on the other table.
Lots of spoons, droppers, etc scattered everywhere.

I'm so excited about this group and all the fun we've already had with these two meetups! The kids have a blast and its nice to meet with parents who want to encourage art, creativity, and messy play with their children.

I'll be posting our Meetups here on my blog to maybe give others some ideas for group art playdates or even the encouragement to start their own local children's art group! If you want to see past meetups, i'll be giving THE CHILDREN'S ART GROUP, it's own Page on my blog as well.

Stay tuned for more fun from The Children's Art Group!

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  1. I would LOVE to host an art group in our area. I am pretty sure we have no such thing in this area as well unless you pay 20 dollars for your child to wait in line for his turn to do one thing and then its time to go home!
    i would love to talk more with you on this!

  2. i feel SUPER blessed to be part of this group! My daughter loves the fun ideas you come up with and i love seeing her have fun with friends! (and i don't mind the mess one bit!)

  3. Fabulous idea. I'd love to see a behind the scenes post on this. How the group is structered, how much committment the parents have, what they are required to do to be involved!!

  4. thats so fun! I should organize something like this for my homeschoolers


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