Friday, September 2, 2011

Magazine Googly Eye Faces

For a quick and fun little activity, I brought out the googly eyes and a magazine, and L and I took turns making eachother laugh by putting googly eyes on people's faces.

This was my fave haha!

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  1. haha how fun! i love how he picked a little boy and put little eyes on him-so smart!

  2. I need a Caddy update... :) Love ya Bee!!

  3. K, that is a totally fun (and FUNNY) idea. Love it!!!!

  4. Thats so cute! And it kind of reminds me of something my best friend and I use to do when we were little. Okay, we did it well into highschool.. but it was hilarious to us. One of us would sit with the tv remote and change channels, as the other would crouch down and pick the noses of actors.

  5. Love it ! and will make with my son..
    and also i have blog and post some creative activities for kids.
    if you wonder you can see them on

    best wishes from Istanbul


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