Wednesday, September 7, 2011

As Seen on Pinterest: Melted Crayon Artwork

I love I'm addicted to Pinterest!
 You may be too, and if you are, you have probably seen this idea alllll over the pinterest realm. I have so so so many DIY projects "pinned" that who knows when i'll get to...if ever! However, when I saw this Melted Crayon Artwork I KNEW whithout a doubt i'd be doing it. It was so easy and lots of fun!

I hot glued crayons to posterboard and then used a blowdryer to melt them.

I made it for L's room and he told me he was proud of me for making it :)

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  1. Love all the ideas on ur pinterest boards

  2. Got to love pintrest for all the amazing ideas you can find on there:) Your canvas turned out really well:)

  3. I really really love this! It's so colorful and beautiful!

  4. hey! yours looks awesome...i did mine in a similar fashion, however the next day there were alot of cracks between the wax. did anyone else experience this/any advice? thanks and happy holidays!!

  5. I'm also totally addicted to Pinterest but hadn't seen this idea! I LOVE it and am definitely going to do it and will give you the credit. Thanks so much for sharing! You have such unique and creative ideas.


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