Monday, September 26, 2011

Weaving With a Styrofoam Produce Tray

Today L tried weaving with a styrofoam meat tray. I also cut up a round piece of cardboard to weave on but we didn't get to that one yet.

The pictures are pretty self explanatory.

He didn't spend much time on it, so I knew there wasn't a whole lot of thought behind the pattern he wanted or anything, however his fine motor skills and coordination still got a workout thats for sure. He struggled at first with holding the tray and weaving at the same time. He finally got the hang of it though. I can't wait to try this again at a different age, or perhaps just not right before lunch time when all he can think about is his peanut butter and jelly sandwich :) 

For a more elaborate weaving activity for older children using a styrofoam tray, see

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  1. This is a terrific idea! Would make great spiderwebs for fall fun too!

  2. This is just the simple idea that I was after! I have a son who loves to thread. If he finds string, he'll start threading it throug anything and I've been wanting to find a somewhere for him to thread that doesn't involve lots of tripping over and untying of works of art. This way he can keep it! I have also seen threading through an unused flysway which I'm sure he'd love, but I just can't bring myself to do it ;)

  3. Thanks for sharing useful post. You did a good job with using polystyrene and weaving with colorful thread. It looks so nice and we can use this as a craft for the home and any other kids exhibition. I have some piece of polystyrene blocks so I want to make as similar to you.


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