Monday, December 13, 2010

Our Week in Pictures

A weekly post
that captures the memories we've made
from Monday-Sunday
(including the cat)

Another tree pic bc I can't get enough of our Christmas tree!

Our hand and footprint reindeer family
(minus my stepson's bc he keeps forgetting to do it)
I love family projects!

Fun with craft googly eyes

 A father/son project

and 10 minutes later....

Dress the Snowman

Construction paper Christmas tree decorating

Gumdrop Tree

L and his Uncle Mike

He told me he wanted to hug our beautiful tree. I said "awww ok! But let me get the camera first!" lol

First weaving project

Not too bad for the first time i'd say

My stepson "J"  loves to cook and bake.

He did such an awesome job!

Looking for treasure

L's first time at Chucky Cheese

and of couse the classic "We're leaving Chucky Cheese meltdown"

J and L reading in their "submarine"
:) so cute

Caddy Cat's Week
Makin a mess

Hanging out with the fam

Curled up by the fire

Curled up under the tree

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  1. OMG Bee!! I love Caddy's week in photos lol...

  2. lol yep, shes a part of the family so I thought she deserved a little blog time too :)

  3. Ok so Caddy=Adorable!!!!! and that picture of Lawon hugging the tree just about made me start bawling!!! haha He is too sweet! i miss him! Love the pics Jess!!! :)

  4. LOL yeah, I'm having lots of fun taking pictures of her all week. Shes such a funny cat! Lawson WAS very cute hugging that tree :) We miss yall too!


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