Thursday, December 30, 2010

Our First Geocaching Adventure

Geocaching is something i've always wanted to get into and in an effort to get my stepson off the videogames and outside, I got him a Geomate Jr. for Christmas which is a very kid friendly geocaching device. This particular device isn't necessary, all you need is a GPS device, or more simply a geocaching APP on your smartphone. I reccommend Groundspeaks Geocaching APP which has a free version if your just starting out. It lets you search for geocaches in your area. You pick one and then follow the map, coordinates, or driving directions to get there! It only takes you within 10-15 feet of the cache and then it's up to you to start searching for it on your own.

If you don't know what Geocaching is....
Geocaching (pronounced geo-cashing) is a worldwide game of hiding and seeking treasure...real treasure! A geocache can be filled with anything the cacher wants to place in (safe items of course) and a geocacher can place a geocache anywhere in the world, pinpoint its location using GPS technology and then share the geocache's existence and location online HERE. Anyone with a GPS device or GPS or Geocaching app on their phone can then try to locate the geocache using its coordinates.
You might have to drive some and walk some.
Learn more HERE

We had our first geocaching adventure today. 65 degrees in January..awesome day for it!
I took J and 2 of his friends and off we went to search for treasure. 
They had so much fun and so did I! 
 We looked for 4 geocaches and found 3 of them.

1st Geocache 
It was a microcache (very small) and we didn't end up finding it.

2nd Geocache

They found their first Geocache!
They were so happy and very proud!

Checking out the loot and signing the log book. 
 there were lots of neat little things in it
We didn't bring anything to exchange so we didn't take anything in the cache.
(there are a few rules of etticacy to geocaching) 

Exploring the area a bit after finding the geocache

3rd Geocache

There's a cool story to this find. See that building above. The coordinates led us there so we knew it was supposed to be around there somewhere and we knew it was small but we couldn't find it. We were about to give up and this old man and his wife drove by and rolled their window down. I thought they were going to get upset that we were in their development, but then the man said "you guys found it yet?" I knew it seemed like we were looking for something so I didn't think much about it and I said "the boys are geocaching." and I was about to start to explain what geocaching was and then he said "We'll their not looking LOW enough." and it turns out that this man was the one who hid the geocache! He gave them a hint..."voltage" and that did it. They then found the geocache!

The plate came off that voltage box but,
inside there was a small plastic bag with some trinkets and a log book.

and of course I made them take a picture with the old man. What a coincidence though! The man who stashed the Geocache happend to be driving by when we were looking for it! Crazy!

4th Geocache

Geocaching is seriously fun. It really is a real world treasure hunt and all you need is a GPS! It has quickly become "OUR THING" and we will no doubt have many many many more geocache adventures!

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  1. That sounds like a blast!! I love hidden object games so this sounds like something I would enjoy. How do you get started?

  2. Well, the only thing you need is a GPS. Its all about coordinates. You can also get a GPS or Geocaching APP if you have an iphone or smartphone. J's Geomate Jr. is a super duper simple device (and much cheaper than a GPS) that doesn't do coordinates. Instead, you push one button and it will tell you how far the nearest geocache is from you, so then you drive or walk till you get within FEET range then walk till you get to ZERO feet, then start looking around. Heres a demo of the Geomate Jr.

    But keep in mind that any GPS device will work. Visit to learn all about it. It is seriously addicting and just so much fun..for the whole family.

  3. OK that story about the old man was seriously precious!!! How cool that he was driving by at that moment! i bet it was very cool for him too!
    And i know have to find an app on Michael's phone! Izayah is wanting to do this! We would love to join you sometime!! Beautiful pics too!:D

  4. Cassie, I know it was so crazy that he was driving by at that moment! It was really neat. I'd love for yall do join us sometime!

  5. Great! I'll be in touch! :) I told Michael about it and he likes it too!


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