Thursday, December 9, 2010

Homemade Gifting Candy Holders

I found this cute idea on one of my favorite crafting sites A Girl and a Glue Gun. I made her version, but also came up with my own because I wanted something a bit sturdier so I could mail these without getting squished.

If you want to make the basic cardstock candy holder see her tuturial HERE.
Cardstock paper or scrapbook paper, scissors, and glue is all you need.

If you want to make them a bit sturdier
You can make these out of
toilet paper rolls
(I'll find any excuse to use TP rolls since I hoard them like a crazy person!)

Cover and glue the paper of your choice to the TP roll

And now, do the same thing you'd do for the regular cardstock candy holders,
glue one end flat

Add your candy

now glue the other end flat in the OPPOSITE DIRECTION (so it looks twisted)

Now go make some and give the gift of CANDY!


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  1. Those are so cool! Thanks for the inspiration:)

  2. Thanks Andrea! :)
    Miss ya too Pam!

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  4. Can you send me an email at so I will have your email address?


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