Monday, December 6, 2010

Better World Books

My new shipment of books came in today!

I thought i'd share with you my absolute favorite site to buy New and Used books. Its called..
and every purchase funds global literacy

Better World Books is a for-profit social enterprise that collects used books and sells them online to raise money for literacy initiatives worldwide. They offer AWESOME bargains on used books - over 6 million used and new titles, with free shipping anywhere in the US and just $3.97 worldwide. And your also doing good for the environment by buying used--saving books from landfills and conserving resources.

I find many of the books I buy in their BARGAIN BIN, which currently has over 38,541 pages of books on sale!

Not to mention they also send you a free bar Divine Chocolate, which is a fair trade chocolate company. & when you buy a book you receive this cute and quirky email from "your new book." sorta like "Hi, I'm your new book! I can't wait to meet you!" I know it seems a bit corny but it makes me smile everytime. Its those extra little things that make this company even AWESOMER (yep, I said awesomer...on purpose)

So, next time your book hunting, skip B&N or Amazon, and try Better World Books
Tons of Books
Low prices
Serves a great cause
Free Shipping in the US
Free Chocolate

pretty cool huh?!

Hope you'll give them a try!
 spread the word about this great company! 

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  1. I see you bought "Love You Forever"
    My Mom used to read me that every night and she purchased it for me when I was pregnant with M. Its a special book for me and both my girls, I cry everytime we read it. You and L will love it :)

    Thank you for sharing this site, I can't wait to make my first purchase!

  2. Awww, yes it's a special book for me also! My mom used to read it to me and I used to cry (i've always been a crybaby haha.) I thought we still had it but i've not been able to find it so when I saw it on there I had to have it! I read it to L immediately when I got it today and by the end I was crying. lol. It feels so good to be passing down a book tradition though. Glad you'll be buying from Better World Books! It really is such a great organization. :)


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