Tuesday, December 7, 2010

5 Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Homemade Christmas Ornaments

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These are 5 Homemade Christmas Ornaments that we've made.
All of them are fairly simple and cost little to nothing to make.
Click on the link above the photo to be taken to the post with instructions for each ornament.
The first 3 are ornaments that kids can make or easily help with.

Homemade Christmas Ornaments
These Sugar Ornaments are so easy to make with your kids and and VERY pretty.

homemade ornament
These Recycled Paper Ornaments are a fun and easy "green" project to make with the kids!

Homemade Christmas Ornament
These Dried Orange Slice Ornaments are one of my favorites to make. 
They are so natural, delicate, and pretty and are also the easiest!

Cheese Cloth Ornament
Homemade Christmas Ornament
This Cheese Cloth Ornament is natural looking and textured, pretty and so simple to make!

Book Page Ornaments
Homemade Christmas Ornaments
I love love love love love love book page ornaments.
They have a homey vintage feel to them.
These take a little more time to create, but can be as simple or intricate and ornate as you'd like. 

Happy Homemade Holidays!

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  1. Do these till have a pleasant smell to them after baking? I was thinking it would make your house have such a nice smell if the oranges still gave off an aroma..

  2. Yes they do! I totally forgot to mention that. Yep, they still have pleasant citrus aroma to them after baking :)

  3. Ooooh I will have to try the sliced oranges! Great idea
    ~Jada Roo Can Do

  4. Hey Jess! I just tried the sugar ornaments with Weston and I think my cookie cutters are too big. Also, How did you slice your oranges so thin??

  5. Hey Jill! Hmm...I used a small and a large cookie cutter. I did have a few break apart so I just started over. I let them harden for 10 minutes or so while still in the cutter and then gently tapped it out. You also have to squish the points reeeally good to make sure they don't fall apart before you tap it out. Hope that helps! Oh, and the oranges...lol, I don't know how I got them so thin. I did use a serrated knife (if that helped?)


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