Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ocean Sensory Bin

Sensory bins are a cheap way to keep your children VERY entertained and develop fine motor skills, as well as experience different textures. Your sensory bin can be as simple as a shallow dishpan, or one of those classroom sand and water tables. Since we are at home, I have found that using a plastic storage bin with a plastic table cloth under it for easy cleanup is the best way to go! I have containers of all sizes used for different sensory bins. 

My first one was an
which was inspired by THIS OCEAN BIN I found at Pink and Green Mama
which "L" completely loves!

Everything for this bin was found at Walmart but you can try your local pet store as well. I got the sea shells and colored glass rocks at the dollar store.

*Plastic storage bin
*Aquarium rocks
*Aquarium plants
*Glass colored rocks
*Sea shell
*Ocean animal toys

Before water was added

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He's digging for treasure. I put a few pennies into the ocean so he could search for treasure :)

We had many Nemo adventures in our little ocean

We played well into the evening, and after we came inside I turned on the movie "Finding Nemo." He seemed to watch it more intently than the first time he saw it. Notice what he's holding?....

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  1. Your kid needs a new container with bigger space. But make sure to keep an eye on him so that he will not drown.

  2. That is a beautiful sensory bin! Thank you for sharing on It's Playtime

    Rachele @ Messy Kids

  3. I featured this post on this weeks Do Something!. It's such a beautiful sensory tub!

  4. Very fun! Here's a link to our Ocean Sensory Box:

    AND....our Construction Box if you need any ideas:

    Pink and Green Mama

  5. this blog use your photos and and present the idea as if it is hers.

  6. Hello! Wonderful post- I shared a link and a small photo on my blog today. Hope that's okay! Jen

  7. Awesome idea, I love it!!!! Thanks so much for sharing!

  8. Do you by chance have a child with sensory processing disorder?

  9. As a 'retired' pre-school teacher & current childcare providing grandma, I LOVE your posts. They refresh my memory of super fun & educational pre-school days. I fully intend to use many of your ideas with my grand daughter. I'm sure most parents are fully aware of choking hazards & the need to supervise closely ;)

  10. We live in an apt so would have to store the bins for my 18 month old in the closet.. Is there a good way to get the water out of the ocean bin each time?

  11. This is awesome! I'm trying to find activities to do when I have my little granddaughters overnight. I know they are tired of playing with dolls. :)

  12. Just a suggestion for the person asking about water and storage on the apt... I would just strain and air dry then store items in a smaller plastic container w lid and label it. Keep the larger container for the actual play and exploration and rotate what u have in it but store materials more compactly. This is what I plan to do. Should be fun!

  13. Fantastic! I created one for my older boys who are 3 and 5 and they love it! Thanks for sharing.


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