Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Frozen Orange Cups

Frozen Orange Cups
a healthy summer treat

Super Simple
Juice some oranges (takes quite a few to get enough juice)

2. scrape out the insides of the orange

3. Blenderize (my own personal word for "put it in the blender") the squeezed juice and orange guts (eww hehe) so all the chunks are gone.

4. Put the orange halves in a muffin tin and pour the juice back into the organge halves.

5. Freeze and Enjoy!

L and I really liked these!
They were even sweeter after frozen....and you just lick em like a popsicle. When I ate the second one, I let set out for just a bit until it became a tad slushy then ate it with a spoon. YUM!

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