Friday, July 16, 2010

Girls Night: Margaritas and Makeovers!

I hosted a Girls Night In party at my home the other night. It was so much fun and half the fun was planning and decorating! I love themed parties and this one was just a blast! I think it was the girls night out that we were all needing!
The party theme was Margaritas and Makeovers and the colors were pink and green!

My centerpiece was simple! Glass vase with green and pinkish/purplish potpourri around it. Then I added some plastic jewel diamond pieces to the mix!

This was my "conversation table." literally! I had covered my table with brown easel paper and wrote a ton of icebreaker questions to get conversation rolling and it turned out to be a hit!

Added some girly gossip mags, an 8ball, and pink pillows!

Star and jewel ice
Its all in the details!

I always like to have one main activity at parties. This was my "make your own beeswax lip balm table"

Margaritas were the drink of the night! Strawberry and Lime (pink and green!)

Wouldn't be a party without makeup and toe nail polish! My friend Tonna sells Avon and she brought lots of samples and did makeovers! It was so great!

Everyone brought lots of yummy goodies!

The alternative to margaritas: Water or beer! hehe



Margaritas and a massage! ahhhh!

Getting a foot massage and toes done by Audrey! Its nice to have friends who aren't feet phobic!

Joan is pampering Andrea with a hand massage

Jill and Andrea making their homemade lip balms!

Audrey trying to beat my undefeated Bop-it record! haha

Good times!

Host a girls night of your own! Your friends will thank you for it!!

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