Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Homemade Mailbox from a Diaper Box

"L" abosolutely LOVES checking the mail. A few times, my family and friends have been super sweet and sent him cute little letters with stickers and drawings... (friends like these are priceless). Anyway, I have been meaning to make him a special letter each week with a small trinket and stickers and coloring page, and a short letter which would talk about the fun week ahead and so on...this is in hopes that these letters will be keepsakes down the road. Like I said...I've been MEANING to do this for weeks now and my little procrastinating self just hasn't done it! So to motivate myself and because I know it will just make this all the more fun, I made "L" his own MAILBOX.

So, I took a diaper box and covered it with brown easel paper (which took lots of hot glue gunning). I then cut a hole for the door and handle (with an exacto knife) and a small slit at the top to insert the mail. Decorating will take place later because "L" just couldn't wait to play with it!

This was the motivation I needed to get started on his weekly letters!

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