Sunday, July 4, 2010

Independence Day Weekend 2010

Our Independence Day Weekend

L's first Independence Day craft

2nd Big Boy Haircut

Blueberry Season! What shall I do with them?? Hmmm...

My first berry pie! Blueberry lemon pie <3 and it was soooo good!

Out at Brian's best friend's parents house for fireworks.

Lawson's first boat ride! He was not very happy...kinda scared :(

and when we had to put the life jacket on he was REALLY unhappy!

But the lake was beautiful

and he finally calmed down a bit

Lawson's first fireworks. He was in awe!

Because we were so close to where they were setting them off, it was pretty loud so we moved to the car to watch the rest.

An awesome 4th of July!

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