Thursday, June 17, 2010

Creek Adventure

Some of my fondest childhood memories involve playing at the creek. I still love it as an adult for many of the same reasons, but when you're a child,  the wonderment of exploration is magnified a hundred times! In this age of video games, action movies, and battery operated toys, I want to instill the value of nature into my son as early as possible. As parents, we should never forget how important it is to let your child connect to nature...and let them explore at their own pace.

L is finally at the age where we can start to really explore the outdoors. This is so exciting to me because there is so much I want to do with him, teach him, and discover with him. So, on this beautiful June morning, I took Lto Tanyard Creek in Bella Vista. This creek is only a few miles from home and is on a public, well established path through the woods. It is an excellent "beginners" creek for youngsters.
As we enter the woods on the path to the creek, L stopped and said slowly "ooooo mommy." and I said "Its ok, I'm going with you. Want to hold my hand?" and he said "ok mommy" and took my hand...and off we went.  :)

As soon as we arrived at our spot, L started to throw rocks :)
and then after becoming a bit braver, the BIG fun began

Hand in hand we walked along the creek to deeper parts where there were bigger fish. He's trying to splash them in this picture. lol

After about an hour of playing, we walked along the path to do some more exploring!

And there were many more beautiful spots to play in along the creek!

What an amazing memory to have with my little boy. He had so much fun. We will be visiting the creek again  many more times this summer.  I look forward to sharing many many adventures with him...big or small.

Things I Want to Remember:

  • We were throwing rocks and when they would plop in the water I would make funny sounds for L. He was giggling every time I did it and then he said "You so funny mommy!"

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