Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Egg Shell Sensory Activity

I've been saving egg shells (thoroughly washed and dried) for a few weeks now just for this activity for L. I figured it would be the fun of cracking eggs without the mess! Wow, I knew L would like this, but never imagined HOW MUCH! I'll definately be saving another batch of egg shells!

His face after he cracked the first one was priceless! He looked up at me like "oops, was I supposed to do that?" and after I gave him a big smile and said "yay, you cracked it!"
 he was sooo excited to crack some more!

After letting him play for a while and cracking most of them with his hands, I gave him something to mash them with.

This was an A+ activity on the toddler fun factor!
Next time I think i'll let him stomp on them with his shoes on for some goooood crunchin!!

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  1. I did something similar when my boys were young...and then I took the smashed up egg shells and added a little food dye to them and we had colored shells we could use on a collage, or mosaic. I love your blog!

  2. On your list: http://www.playcreateexplore.com/p/activites-for-ages-1-3.html

    Paint filled eggs takes me to the sheet painting post!! :)

  3. Oh, Thanks for letting me know! I've repaired the link :)

  4. My mom says the Kinder teachers he worked with did this with colored shells and then made pictures with the kids after they cracked them. Thanks for sharing this

  5. Great idea, especially with Easter coming up!

  6. that egg shell thing looks fun and dangerous(:

  7. Cracked shells are great for your plants too! I save them anyways... What a great idea!

  8. You can have them take the shells and toss them in the garden...the plants love it too!


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