Friday, June 18, 2010

Father's Day Gift: Wallet Collage

Father's Day is 2 days away and I am pretty excited to dedicate and celebrate this special day with my amazing husband and father of our children! I was racking my brain for what to buy him but then he went out and bought a HUGE computer moniter and wireless keypad...SO he bought his own gift this year. However, I always like to have a homemade gift as well. This year, I am giving brian a WALLET COLLAGE. Its a pretty simple idea, but I loved this and I am so excited to give it to Brian.
Its a gift from the heart and thats what makes it so special. I know he is going to love it!

This is such an cheap and easy project, and fun to do as well!

Markers and Stickers (optional)
Contact Paper (optional)

  1. Cut a credit-card-sized rectangle out of poster board.
  2. Decorate both sides with messages, stickers, drawings and glued-on photographs
  3. To make the card sturdier, cover it on both sides with clear Con-Tact paper, or run it through the laminator at your local copy shop (around two dollars).
It turned out super cute! Here's to give you an idea of the size.

Kinda Blurry but this is the front and the back


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  1. That is SOOO adorable!!! I know he'll love it!! I am gonna have my kids do one! Thanks for sharing!


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