Monday, June 21, 2010

Cotton Ball Activity: Exploring SOFT

 Here's a simple activity I did with L to delight his senses and to be able to explore and talk about SOFT. All I did was dump a big bag of cotton balls ( a big bag is very cheap btw)  on the table in front of him and just let him explore with it. He loooves soft things so he enjoyed this very much. He balled a bunch up in his fist and squeezed them, pulled them apart, tried to build a snowman, touched his face with them...and after I let him explore to his hearts content, I took a few in my hand and said " oooo this feels...." and let him finish the sentence. I did this a few times to see what he would come up with. He said they were SOFT, FLUFFY, and then he said you had to be gentle with it....SO, I wrote these three words Soft, Fluffy, and Gentle, on construction paper and then let him glue some cotton balls to it. Gluing is ALWAYS fun for twos and toddlers!

"oooo soft"

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