Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Homemade Fishing Game

I love making homemade games and toys for L (when I have the time!) Here's one that I threw together in about 45 minutes (not including the trip to the laminating place.)


Construction Paper
Fish Outline
String or yarn
glue (super glue works best)


I Googled for fish templates that I liked and found two that I thought were perfect.
Here's the ones I found:

I Saved them and then opened them up in Microsoft Word so I could size them exactly how I wanted.

To make the fish:
1. Trace the templates onto construction paper and then cut out
(you can have your kids color or paint the fish too!)
2. If you want to make the fish sturdier (and I highly suggest you do) you can cover them with clear contact paper or take them to a laminating store and have them done (which is what I did) I paid about $3 to have 10 fish done.
3. Cut out the laminated fish
4. Glue a magnet to one side of each fish.

To make the fishing pole:
1. Glue your yarn to the end of the dowel stick...or even a real stick.
2. Glue a magnet to the other end of the yarn


Kinda blurry but you can tell how excited he is about catching a fish haha

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  1. Love this!! I can't wait to make one for my son. You've got great ideas!!

  2. Awesome idea. I just made this for my son. Thanks so much for sharing.


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