Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Crazy Textured Painting

We painted during our creative art time today, but instead of fingerpainting or using a brush, I let L experiment with homemade paintbrushes. Just a few things I had laying around the house, or have collected for our creative arts cabinet that I knew would create cool and different textures. Each object added a suprise to his painting experience.
Here's what I found:
Cotton ball, piece of loofa, new dish scrubber, makeup sponge, feather, and a waffle!

I then taped a big piece of paper to L's art table and let him experiement with each one one by one with a different color for each object.

The finished product

L REALLY loved doing this...especially using the waffle!

We'll be doing this again soon, and i'm already thinking of our next homemade paintbrushes!

pine branches with the needles still attached
socks on his hands
small inflated balloons

What would YOU use?

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  1. I love this ideal especially when we are all stuck inside!

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your ideas! My boys are going to love all of your ideas! yay!

  3. Thanks for a great idea!

  4. Great ideas! You could also use an apple or potato cut in half, a plastic spoon, an old toothbrush.....

  5. What kind of paint do you use for most of your activities? Acrylic? Tempura? Home made? (like for the ones with textures, or the ones on the cookie sheet etc)

  6. I teach a toddler enrichment program and we enjoy using potato mashers,egg whips (look like a spring) and plastic strawberry crates.... We love to gadget paint as we call it!

  7. We used my son's trucks to make tracks in his artwork

  8. They 1st analyze the realm that's to be painted, study the environment and so recommend you coloring choices, for more information click here painter north palm beach.


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