Thursday, April 11, 2013

Springtime Small World Sensory Play

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With a few snips from the lawn and some of our craft stuff and little mini critters, I created a simple little Springtime Small World Sensory Setup for my oldest son. I would have loved to set this up outside, but so far our Springtime has been pretty chilly overall! It was amazing how noticeably fragrant it was in the house! It smelled so fresh and even a bit sweet! 

Small World Sensory Play

A blue lid made a simple pond for our frogs and turtles.

L (4) has a brilliant imagination on his own, but he does love for me to participate in the stories with him. Here, the turtles are babysitting the eggs in the nest for Mrs. Duck when the mean snake tries to snatch them away. They cleverly use a big flower to hide the eggs and the snake doesn't find them. Hooray! The turtles saved the day! :)

B (20 mo) isn't ready for imaginative play on this scale, although he did enjoy watching his brother play. I didn't let him get into this setup because L was enjoying it so much and I knew it would frustrate my oldest to have his little brother wrecking it all, but I knew Little B would love playing with the grass though so for his own sensory bin, I took the other things out and just left the grass. 
Sensory Bin

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It was so simple, but he loved it! His favorite thing to do was take one blade of grass at a time and break it. It made a neat snapping sound when he did, which is exactly the same thing he did with our yellow Easter grass sensory bin!  (look at that afternap hair! haha)
Sensory Bin

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  1. Oh I love the green mossy rocks!
    Such a gorgeous set up.

  2. I always find it interesting when kids find their own ways to interact with things we give them. Its like when we get a package and all they are interesting in is the bubble wrap and the box


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