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Color of the Week: Orange

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This is the 5th week in the Series and we explored and learned about the color Orange!

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Orange Objects Exploration Bucket
As always, the first thing we do on the first day of our color themed weeks, is walk around the house and gather a bunch of our orange toys and other objects. This serves as a bit of an introduction to the color of the week, and we explore this bucket all throughout the week. For my 19 month old, it serves as a great way to identify and verbalize new objects. 

Orange Dyed and Scented Rice
Our first sensory bin was a simple dyed and scented rice bin. To see how we dyed our rice, click HERE!

Colored Shower Rings
I found these orange shower rings at the dollar store and added them to the white ones we already had. We've used these for play lots of times after I saw an Instagram Pic from the Imagination Tree, about using shower rings for baby play! Then, Kathrine of Dirt and Dinosaurs had a great suggestion to use a paper towel role for play with these. Since then, we've done this activity several times! They are fun to be hooked together and linked also. My oldest ( 4 1/2 ) loves doing this.

Messy Play
Orange Shaving Cream on the Windows
We've done this before, but this time I mixed orange washable paint with shaving cream. I just put huge globs of it on the windows and let them smear it all over. They always have a blast doing this! I lay a sheet underneath to catch any spills and it all wipes off easily with a warm washcloth afterward. 

Color Mixing Bath
Messy play is of course followed by bathtime! I didn't put together a big orange themed bath, but we did do a fun and simple color mixing bath! Red + Yellow = Orange, so I filled bought these cheap ketchup and mustard squeeze bottles and filled them with water and red food coloring in one, and yellow in the other. I put a few yellow and red balloons in the bath and then gave each boy one of the bottles. 

By the time they were done, the water was REALLY REALLY orange! 

Orange Construction Paper Squares 
Sensory Bin
I cut these construction paper squares for a Rainbow Themed Sensory Bin I did, but kept each batch of  colored squares to use for color specific sensory bins such as this one! I throw in some cups and bowls of the same color so he can fill them up with squares. I like that there are two orange tones with these because we can practice sorting and matching. 

Orange Colored and Scented Ice Cream Dough
A few months ago I created a totally NEW kind of play dough which has an amazing light and airy, silky texture, yet is very moldable. It really is incredible and if you haven't tried this amazing 2 ingredient play dough, click HERE to find out how! After making it, I stuck a few fake plant leaves in the middle to look like an orange, then made a quick setup on the table with some other "orange" things. 

Since tigers are fairly orange (and white with black stripes) I thought it would be fun to use the shaving cream marbling technique to make a tiger! This is a fairly unmessy, messy project that produces amazing results! Click HERE to see!

Orange Water Beads Sensory Bin
We LOVE water beads! If you're unfamiliar with this amazing sensory material, click HERE to read Teach Preschool's post all about them! I made this simple sensory bin by coloring the water beads orange first, by just adding a mix of red and yellow food coloring to the water they were "growing" in. When I put the fully grown water beads into a plastic bucket, I also added enough water just to cover them. I've found that my kids stay interested in water beads WAY longer when they are actually IN a bit of water. 

What else did we do?
Here are a few other very simple ways we focused on "orange" this week

--We identified orange ALL over the place. If something was orange, I identified it and said it outloud. 

"The goldfish is orange."  "This book is orange." "What color is your shirt? Your shirt is orange!" 
You can never have too much repetition! However, we didn't leave out or ignore other colors though. In our everyday play I still identified other colors, I just put a lot of focus on orange specifically!

-We read our books with orange covers

-We picked a day to wear orange shirts

-We ate orange foods such as oranges (of course), carrots, goldfish crackers 

-We listened to THIS " orange themed" kindergarten song on Youtube.

What else can you do?

Ideas from others

Next week's Color of the Week is BLUE!

To see ALL of the colors so far in the Color of the Week Series
click the photo below!

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  1. I am doing a learning our color series with my Little Guy! I love the ideas you have shared, and they have sparked some of our activities! Thanks for sharing! I wrote about is here:


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