Monday, April 29, 2013

Pretend Play: Wizards and Potions

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We spent an entire morning pretending to be Wizards in an outdoor Potion Shop I set up for the boys!
We've done many similar setups before, but it NEVER gets old and I think the older L becomes, the more imaginative play he puts into it, rather than just mixing stuff together (although that is entirely fun too!)

We set this up after reading 
The Wizard by Jack Prelutskywhich we read for this month's "wizard theme" in the new 
Poppin's Book Nook Virtual Book Club. Click the photo below to see our review of the book and learn more about The Poppin's Book Nook! 

I put some water and green food coloring into a spouted jug so the boys could refill their potions as they wanted, plus they both think it's fun to pour the water from the spout. I set many bowls, cups, and utensils on a small table along with some paint chip cards that we pretending to use as "potion recipes." 


I raided our halloween stash and found some eyeballs, bats, and spiders. L liked these the most! 

I put some of our scented and colored epsom salts into a muffin tin to dissolve into their potions. 
To see how to make colored and scented epsom salts for sensory play, click HERE.

Waterbeads...or "frog eggs"

creepy crawly critters

and the potion making began!

We made potions that would... 
-turn grandma into a baby
-turn a normal tree into a "candy" tree
-turn uncle Mike into a frog
-turn ME into a giant bunny
and many more

Bubble Bubble, toil and trouble!

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  1. So much fun! I love the elements you included in the potions....very wizard-like! And the refill station was genius!

  2. I love it...I cant wait for my Grandsons to get bigger so Grammy can do stuff like this with them. Raiding the Halloween stash was brilliant.

  3. How fun!! I think your potions were fantastic. Who wouldn't want to turn a tree into a candy tree :-)


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