Monday, April 22, 2013

Scented Sand Paint

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I made some Grape Scented Sand Paint during our Purple Themed Week, in the Color of the Week Exploration Series. It was kind of a happy accident in which the ingredients were all just kind of sitting right beside each other and I decided to mix them together. We were just going to finger paint with purple paint, then I had the Kool-aid out from a few of our other activities from Purple Week so I mixed that in with the paint, and then I saw that our purple sand sensory bin was close by so I grabbed some sand and mixed it in as well. The result was fantastic! 

Grape Scented Sand Paint! 
It smelled amazing and had such a cool texture to it. 
It was so fun to paint with!

Mix together any paint color and flavor of Kool-aid (or essential oil, or extract) and some sand. 
I had purple aquarium sand, but any sand will do. It's the texture your going for.  The scent is such a cool and easy addition, but even just adding the sand is such a unique painting experience. 
The scent is just a bonus!

It was thick, gritty, and grape-y!

This is how it looked wet

And this was after it dried. 

We purchased our sand from the pet store in the aquarium supplies section. 
You could also check stores near you for sandbox sand, or even sand from the beach if your such a lucky duck to live near one! 

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