Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Scented Bubble Mountains

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We made huge strawberry scented bubble mountains by simply mixing water, dishsoap, and kool-aid in a bowl and using a straw to blow the bubbles. 

Just make sure your child is reminded to not suck in!  We did this activity at age 2 with no problems. We did indoor bubble blowing again when L was 3 and he fully understood the difference between sucking in and blowing out, but we still had an accident and he sucked up a lot of soapy water..and threw up. It was awful, but accidents happen and we tried it again now a year with no problems and had a lot of fun! 

We played a fun competitive game of "who can make the biggest bubble mountain." He originally wanted the BIG bowl for this game but, when he figured out that mommy's smaller shallow bowl made it easier to make the biggest bubble mountain, he wanted to switch bowls lol. 

The sunlight was coming in behind us and the bubbles sparkled beautifully!

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  1. Adorei a brincadeira com bolhas!!!
    Parabéns pelo blog! Criativo e útil!
    Abração e ótima semana p/ vc e sua família! Dani

  2. Very cool. Who wouldn't get excited about mountains of bubbles like that!!!

  3. You ALWAYS have the best ideas! How do u do it!? ♥♥

  4. I love this! Pinning for when my little ones are a bit older...we use straws in the bathtub to practice blowing, but there is still a little sucking/drinking going on, too ;) This is great for oral motor development as well!

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