Saturday, February 2, 2013

"Love ya, Sweet Pea!" Valentine's Day Bath

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This was the first of our Valentine's Day Fun Baths! 
It was quite simple because it was for "B," my youngest (18 months).  

I cut out several hearts from craft foam and used a pack of craft foam "candy hearts" and stuck them in the water and on the walls of the tub. If you are unfamiliar with craft foam, it's a cheap material that can be bought in sheets to cut as you want or bought as premade shapes in lots of different themes. When wet, it sticks to the tub walls and itself...and windows and walls, etc.
 Craft foam is a very inexpensive way to make bath time really fun!

I also used a few drops of purple food coloring and Sweet Pea scented essential oil in the bath which smelled sooo good! Sweet Pea is one of my favorite scents and I call both of my boys 
"Sweet Pea" all the time :)

I used shaving cream, pink food coloring, sweet pea essential oil, 
and sprinkles (I didn't have any pink glitter) to make some fun bath paint. 

 This bath was perfect for my littlest Sweet Pea! 

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