Monday, February 18, 2013

Blue Themed Sensory Bath for Color Recognition

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I've been doing a lot of color recognition activities with my youngest (18 mo), and since we do so many creative themed baths, I figured we'd start doing just some simple Color Themed Baths
My oldest (4) also joined in on the fun of course!

For this bath setup, I basically just used a bunch of blue items from around the house.
-blue streamers taped to the wall
-blue balloons
-ocean animals
-blue cup
-blue plastic shapes and toys
-blue craft foam cut into shapes (craft foam sticks to the walls when wet)
-Blue pool noodle
-blue food coloring in the water
-Berry Blue Kool-Aid bath paint (see below)
-Berry Blue Kool-Aid "spray paint" (see below)

Berry Blue Bath Paint
I used shaving cream + 2 Berry Blue Kool-Aid packets and some
blue glitter to create our bright blue delicious smelling Bath Paint!

My son LOVES to use a squirt bottle in the bath so I half-filled a squirt bottle with water and another packet of Berry Blue Kool-Aid. This did not stain our walls. 

The Berry Blue Paint and squirt bottle were a hit!

The paint was awesome, but since I used two kool-aid packets, it did slightly 
stain their skin, but not for long. 

My youngest son B (18 mo) LOVVED the blue paint!  
The bath was a fun sensory experience and a great way to reinforce color and shape recognition.

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  1. I really like your homemade paint I tried but mine didn't do right I'm not sure what I did wrong. Gonna try again tomorrow night for our blue bath :)


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