Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Valentine's Swag Shaving Cream Concoctions

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I set up a simple Valentine's Day shaving cream sensory activity using dollar store Valentine's swag, glitter, and powdered tempura paint (you could also use washable paint, food coloring, Kool-aid, or Duncan Hines Frosting Creations for color.) The point of this activity is really just good ole messy sensory play. My oldest has always loved mixing and making potions and concoctions, or pretend cooking with real ingredients, and so he really loved this!

"B" (18 mo) got in on the shaving cream fun too! 
I put a glob on his chair and added some powdered tempura paint for him to mix in. 
He was reluctant at first, but the second picture may look like he's saying "eeww!" but he's actually saying "yay!"--no really, it's like his favorite thing to say haha!

The end result was so pretty and lots of the trinkets we were able to 
wash off and save for another time and project. 

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  1. What do you do when shaving cream gets in their eyes? It can happen so quickly!

  2. I know it sounds crazy but out of all the shaving cream activities we've done and we do a LOT with it...it's never gotten in their eyes. BUT I do usually have a small bucket of water nearby for them to wash their hands, and of course towels and such. I think there are risks to any sort of play. If they play in the dirt they could get it in their eyes as well, but as a parent you asses the risk and prepare for it, but don't let it keep you or your children from play experiences.


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