Thursday, February 28, 2013

Playing with Shaving Cream on the Windows

Shaving Cream on the Windows: Sensory Activity

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Ohhh the boys had so much fun with this messy sensory activity! I sprayed some globs of shaving cream on the windows to let the kids smear all over. Later when they appeared to tire of the activity, I dripped some washable blue paint on the windows and gave them a few paint brushes as well which worked like a charm to reignite their interest!

One of the best parts about this activity, was that it was really easy to clean up! A wet rag was all it took!

sensory activity

sensory activity

We did it again during our Color of the Week Series. The color of the week was orange!

For tons more ways have fun with shaving cream, 
click the photo below!

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  2. This is so cool! We use shaving cream all the time, but I've never thought to use it on the windows! Guess what we are going to be trying tomorrow!!!! Thanks so much! I'm going to highlight you on my Friday 5 this week!

  3. Trying this later today...I hope it's as easy to clean up as you say it is! :-)


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