Thursday, January 26, 2012

What We've Been Up To

A picture post about the non posty stuff. You

First time with Cheese Wizz

I wore a ballcap and this is how Baby Son looked at me all day haha

fell asleep like this. He is VERY obsessed with his feet right now

My little GQ

A trip to what we call "Castle Park." Seriously one of THE coolest parks.
 The kids can play inside that castle!

The one teeny tiny snowfall we had so far this winter.

Early morning brotherly love <3

Scared of the vaccume! lol

The reason I hate when my husband goes shopping by himself. He calls this our "pantry snack." It's the snack we snack on when we are in the pantry looking for a snack.

A little lunch creativity

A priceless picture

A winter walk in the woods

 5 months old!

The glittery dolphin tattoo that L came home with after a weekend at his Nonny's house. A dolphin tattoo, really mom?! haha

A family trip to the safari zoo. L is with my brother Mike....and a kangaroo.

my mom didn't like the zebras so I kept rolling the window down on her when they came to the car hahaha! It was so funny!...for me.

9 lbs to go till goal weight!! I've almost lost the entire 80 lbs I gained during pregnancy!!

new slippers

And introducting....our new cat, Ford. He is soooo lovable and really funny!

He loves to lay on my shoulder

and of course we still have CaddyCat, our cantankerous cat.

And because I haven't posted about our Christmas yet (so late on that one),
here's a few pics  

And that concludes our recent life!
I need to do these more often so I don't have to post so many pics!

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  1. I absolutely Love looking at your blog darlin. I am one proud momma!! :)

  2. I LOVE looking at your blog, though it makes me feel like such a slacker mom!! :) Great post. Your "pantry snack" had me totally ROFL, seriously. LOL

  3. i LOVE the pictures! My little one is about to turn 5 months old....goes too fast! Love the Angry Birds hat too! :)

  4. I thought the cat in the Bumbo was adorable--and then I saw the cat on the baby! HOW CUTE!

  5. Really awesome stuff you do! So inspiring!


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