Monday, January 30, 2012

Rainbow I Spy Sensory Bin

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I made this Rainbow ISPY Sensory bin for L and he loved it!
I used colored rice and noodles, and LOTS of brightly colored toys and trinkets.
We took turns playing I-spy and with every scoop he found treasure after treasure.
This was literally hours of fun that day!

For more colored rice play, click the photos below

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  1. Hi! I love your blog!! You have really inspirational posts and i am eager to try them all with my 22mth old daughter. She loves the rice and pasta sensory activities, and id love to make the rainbow rice with the Duncan Hines frosting mixes, but i cant find any info of anyone selling it in Australia. Iv checked ebay and Googled it but have had no luck. Any suggestions you or your friends may have would be greatly appreciated. Wishing you and family a happy and safe Christmas

  2. Thank you Kim! :) I did find lots of listing for the frosting packets on Ebay actually! It may be a more expensive route to take, but if it's your only option, then you may be able to find a cheap deal on there somewhere. It's the shipping that will get ya! They cost 83Cents for each packet here in the states, just to give you a comparative idea when your looking on Ebay. Here's a link to one.. Hope you can find some reasonably! Merry Christmas to you as well :)


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